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Ask an Expert

Scott Harris, Ph.D.

What changes do you foresee over the next five years in how organizations manage the health and safety of their employees?

We anticipate organizations further integrating health and safety programs and being more data driven as they look to understand fundamental problems. We see more use of leading indicators, such as observations and near misses, and better application of prevention through design (PTD) and Job Hazard Analysis to avoid or eliminate hazards and “traps” that lead to injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

How is technology changing workplace health and safety practices and processes?

Increasingly companies are turning away from paper-based systems to software-based solutions. This is unlocking data for them and allowing them to make better, more informed decisions. We see a greater use of smart phones and similar devices to record and report observations and near misses, move incident data to affected parties in real time, allow immediate feedback and support investigations. Technology is providing more data when and where it is needed.



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