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Mahmood Tabaddor

Research Manager and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

What is computational modeling?

Computational modeling is the solving of mathematical equations on the computer. The mathematical equations generally represent the underlying mechanisms or physics that describe a complex system. By solving the mathematical model of a complex system, the solution would represent the predicted behavior of the system. Next, the varying responses of the system can be studied by changing the input parameters to the mathematical model and solving these equations on the computer, and this activity is generally referred to as simulation.


What are the biggest challenges in creating an accurate computer model?

There are several key challenges:

  1. Having the correct mathematical model for a system
  2. Getting accurate inputs for the mathematical model
  3. Having the proper computational resources, such as hardware, solution algorithms, etc., to solve the model with reasonable effort and high accuracy

For UL, the first two items are generally our biggest challenges.


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